Thoroughly enjoyed working with Shelley. She is an excellent marketeer, intuitive and strategic with a superb eye for detail. Shelley also has that essential ability of being able to see the bigger picture rather than just focusing on the ‘here and now’. T.M. Chime Group


I have had the pleasure to work with Shelley while she was Marketing Manager at Stannah. She was a great client to work for as she always encouraged new ideas and was prepared to test the ideas out. She was also completely on top of the detail whilst as having the bigger picture in mind. It was this mix that made her a great client to work with. M.B. Harvest Digital


I have known Shelley for over 6 years, during this time she has worked as Marketing Manager at Stannah Stairlifts. I have also worked with Stannah in some capacity for over 10 years and so I have been witness to the changes brought about by Shelley during her time there. She, using her strategic brain (!), drove the marketing team forward with great momentum increasing the size of the team and introducing many new elements to the mix focusing the business so that it came into the digital age smoothly whilst still maintaining its traditional communications, showing that Shelley has cut through at various levels and understands the whole marketing mix. In turn through her marketing skills the generation of leads has increased and therefore so has the bottom line. But enough of the boring stuff! Shelley is charismatic with great energy, she leads from the front and is well respected. In addition she is a great person to be around, is positive and outgoing! I hope to work with her again in the future. M.M. TenAlps Media


Shelley was an infallible and diligent manager, who had a great eye for detail. She gave a lot of great direction; and while she knew exactly what she wanted, we had a lot of flexibility to grow and develop the brand further making our efforts very successful – a rare quality seen by marketing managers T.A. Harvest Digital



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